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Is Society Too Sensitive and Triggering?

Editorial Team

Understanding the Reasons Behind the Rise in Societal Sensitivity: The debate over societal sensitivity, particularly in the realms of political correctness, wokeness, and cultural appropriation, is multifaceted. This article delves deeper into the reasons for this heightened sensitivity, maintaining an investigative and balanced approach.

1. Historical and Cultural Shifts

A significant reason for increased societal sensitivity is the historical and cultural shifts in recent decades. As awareness of historical injustices and the ongoing struggle for equal rights for all groups has grown, so has the sensitivity towards language and actions that may be perceived as insensitive or discriminatory.

2. The Rise of Social Media

The explosion of social media has been a double-edged sword. It has amplified voices that were previously unheard, but it has also created echo chambers where ideas are reinforced without exposure to differing viewpoints. This can lead to heightened sensitivity as people are less exposed to, and less tolerant of, diverse opinions.

3. The Impact of Globalization

Globalization has brought different cultures into closer contact than ever before, leading to increased opportunities for cultural exchange but also for cultural appropriation. This has heightened sensitivity around the preservation and respect of cultural identities.

4. Educational and Institutional Changes

Educational and institutional policies have increasingly focused on inclusivity and diversity. While these policies aim to create a more equitable environment, they have also contributed to debates over freedom of expression and the boundaries of political correctness.

5. Psychological Perspectives

From a psychological standpoint, the rise in mental health awareness has made people more conscious of the impact of words and actions on others‘ well-being. This increased awareness can lead to greater sensitivity in interpersonal and public discourse.


Understanding the reasons behind societal sensitivity helps in navigating this complex landscape. While the move towards a more inclusive and respectful society is commendable, it’s also crucial to foster an environment where open and honest dialogue can thrive.