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TikTok Beauty Trends: The 2023 Sensations

Editorial Team

1. Underpainting: The Art of Luminous Makeup

2023 kicked off with a throwback to the ’90s, thanks to makeup artist Mary Phillips. She reintroduced underpainting, a technique involving pre-foundation contour and highlighter application, for a natural, structured glow. Inspired by Kevyn Aucoin’s iconic books, Phillips brought this minimalist approach to TikTok, revolutionizing modern makeup methods.

2. Quiet Luxury: Sophistication in Simplicity

Originally a runway hit, quiet luxury soared on TikTok. This trend marries subtle elegance with classic styles, including understated blowouts, romantic buns, and creamy makeup hues. Paired with neutral manicures and chic hair accessories, quiet luxury defines timeless grace.

3. Skin Streaming vs. Skin Flooding: The Skincare Debate

In skincare, TikTok sparked a debate between minimalism and maximalism. Skin streaming advocates for a streamlined, multitasking routine. Meanwhile, skin flooding focuses on layering hydrating products. Dermatologists support both, emphasizing the importance of catering to individual skin needs.

4. Latte Makeup: Summer Glow without the Sun

Latte makeup, a term coined by Rachel Rigler and inspired by Tanielle Jai, became a 2023 favorite. This bronzed, sun-kissed aesthetic uses nude and brown palettes, offering a universal, sun-safe beauty option.

5. Fruit Girl Summer: Edible-Inspired Beauty

The summer of 2023 was all about „tomato girl“ and „strawberry girl“ looks, driven by Hailey Bieber’s viral berry blush selfie. These fruit-inspired styles, complete with fresh, sun-touched makeup, dominated TikTok and influenced fashion and beauty campaigns.

6. Color Analysis: The Retro Revival

Color analysis made a comeback, helping users discover the most flattering makeup and hair colors based on their natural tones. This resurgence, fueled by classic principles and modern celebrity colorists like Jenna Perry, underlines the enduring relevance of understanding one’s unique color palette.

7. Cowboy Copper: The Hair Color Phenomenon

Cowboy copper took over TikTok with its rich blend of brunette and bronze. This warm hair color trend, evoking the rustic hues of the Wild West, demonstrated the impact of a compelling name and story in the beauty world.