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H&M Announces Expansion into Brazil

Editorial Team

H&M has revealed plans to establish its presence in Brazil with the launch of both physical stores and an online platform in 2025. This move marks a significant step in H&M’s ongoing expansion throughout Latin America. The strategy involves initially targeting key cities in Southeast Brazil, with ambitions to gradually extend its reach nationwide.

Since opening its first Latin American store in Mexico in 2012, H&M has successfully penetrated markets in Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, and Costa Rica. Brazil, with its population exceeding 210 million and a notable passion for fashion, presents a substantial opportunity for H&M to grow its market share.

Statement from Helena Helmersson, CEO of H&M Group

Helena Helmersson, CEO of H&M Group, expressed excitement about the venture: „Launching in Brazil in 2025 marks an exhilarating phase in our Latin American journey. We’ve seen positive growth in this region and believe Brazil holds immense promise. We’re eager to introduce Brazilian customers to H&M’s ethos of blending fashion, quality, and sustainability with affordability.“

Partnership with Dorben Group

To facilitate this expansion, H&M is collaborating with the Dorben Group, leveraging their deep understanding and expertise in the local market.

“It is an honour and a privilege for us to enter into this partnership with H&M in Brazil, thereby strengthening our existing relationship with a leader in the fashion industry. This collaboration will enable both companies to leverage their unique strengths, resources, and expertise to unlock the incredible potential of the Brazilian market,” comments Mehdi Beneddine, President of Dorben Group.